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Living Spaces

A decoratively installed patio or living space can be a major step towards tying together the look and feel you want with your residence. They can be used as recreation areas, hosting family get togethers, or just personal relaxation. Patios and personal living spaces allow a range of creativity and that is why we recommend using concrete over pavers. Pavers often look beautiful and give your patio an old-world appeal to begin with, but the downside to having them installed is the constant chipping the edges suffer over time, the weeds and grass that slip through the cracks and are a consistent pain to get rid of, and finally the tendency they have to become uneven over the changing of seasons requires which diligent maintenance. This same look can be achieved by going with a stamped and colored concrete combination without all the time consuming hassle of fixing it over an over. Previews of your specific project available with Project Vision software.