To keep your concrete in excellent condition we recommend that it be resealed every 3-5 years. There are several different products that we use to achieve this. After completion of every project Joseph Construction applies a curing compound to all poured concrete, which dust proofs the slab and slows down the curing process to prevents flaking or spalling. 30 days after installation it is highly recommended that the surface be sealed again with a penetrating sealer to mitigate salt, water, and all weather related damage that can occur. We can do this service for you or homeowners can apply the instructed product themselves.

Is your concrete looking old, dirty, or has miscoloring? We can bring it back to life with dyed sealers (comes in most concrete colors in addition to standard) Do you have stamped concrete that is looking dull and has lost its luster? Have us come out and put a clear coat on to restore its beauty! Call us to talk about your options. We don’t just help our past customers, but anyone who is looking for this service!  Not all concrete needs to be removed and replaced. Sometimes there is an easy and cheaper way to do things! If you are getting moisture in your concrete because old expansion joints have rotted out or you simply want the joints filled have us come out and caulk your concrete! This is a great way to protect against unwanted frost movement in the winter time.



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